Chris Wilder will do anything for a good cause.

The executive director of the Valley Medical Center Foundation raised $10,000 for the foundation in a single bound Saturday, leaping into a swimming pool while wearing a tuxedo.

The momentous jump took place during the VMC Foundation's Soiree Under the Stars at Greg Pinn's Saratoga estate. Wilder has built quite a reputation for going to great lengths to get people to bid during auctions, whether it's for the VMC Foundation, San Jose Jazz or the Healthy Kids program.

So it shouldn't be surprising that during the live auction Saturday, he volunteered to take the plunge from a deck about eight feet above the pool for 10 grand. Several people quickly pledged money toward the total, and in he went.

On Sunday, with his tux still drying out on the deck of his house, Wilder conceded he was a little nervous. "It was eight feet, plus another six feet up to my eyes," said the towering Wilder.

Towering??? Please, Sal!

Anyway, thanks to all who pledged big bucks for me to do this, and for Greg's daughter who brought me a towel...which I didn't use. I just danced instead, which seemed to work!

If you can't see this video at work, email it to your private's pretty fun.